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Greetings my fellow Compatriots of the John Paul Jones Chapter,


I hope and pray each of you are well as are your extended families. During this extraordinary time, we are going through I have spent numerous hours on genealogy. Specifically trying to find the proper documentation to link me to my 5th Great-Grandfather, William Kerby (Kirby) of York County, Virginia. Like my “proven” ancestors, William was a Southerner; three from Virginia, along with two from North Carolina, three from South Carolina, and one from Georgia. My three sisters, two who are Regents, and a niece, all in the DAR, are researching the paperwork for others.


I bring this up to remind each of you, and to encourage each of you, not to just stop with your initial proven ancestor. As the attached chart shows, there are numerous possibilities for patriot ancestors.

Number of Ancestors

Generation     # of Years               Number of ancestors           Total ancestors (this

Number         Before Your            in that generation                 generation plus all later generations)


1             -25                                2                                             2

2             -50                                4                                             6

            3             -75                                8                                             14

            4             -100                              16                                           30

            5             -125                              32                                           62

            6             -150                              64                                           126

            7             -175                              128                                         254

            8             -200                              256                                         510

As we approach the 250th Anniversary celebrations, why not honor as many of your ancestors as possible? So, I encourage you, get digging. And then let the Chapter know what you have found so that we can all celebrate the contributions of your family to the founding and freedom of our great nation.


Another thing I have been doing is thinking and researching various places I would like to go and visit. In a completely different search, I found a link to the boyhood home museum of our namesake. Below is the link to the museum’s website and if a trip to the United Kingdom is in your future you can possibly add it to your itinerary.

I also found a commemorative coin for our Chapter’s namesake. So, if you collect coins, items related to JPJ, or items related to Freemasonry you might want to look for one.

I’d like to leave you with one of my favorite hymns. I’ll let you read the verses for yourself.


   Guy C. Kerby

"Chaplains of the Revolutionary War" by Jack Darrell Crowder

"George Washington's Secret Six" by Brian Kilmeade

"The Revolutionary War in the Southern Back Country" by James K. Swisher

"Washington's Immortals" by Patrick K. O'Donnell

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